IHPG believes that its presence at the market depend on the communities in which IHPG carries out its activities. Without such communities, IHPG would have no investment role in the benefit of the society and IHPG shareholders. From this perspective, the International Holding Projects Group is always keen on participating in and contributing to some activities that might yield returns to the whole society. In addition, IHPG urges its employees to responsibly act towards the environment when performing their works. These contributions and participation’s cover a number of sectors, including, but not limited to:

  1. Participating in preserving the ecosystem and insisting on preserving the environment from the industrial contamination, through following the techniques of environmental safety and preserving the environment, in the industrial sector, and developing the best quality standards to preserve the environment and the health safety, by following the most precise systems and their applications and keeping them in all the activities of IHPG to maintain a clean environment.
  2. Participating in some charitable projects for the benefit of poor families, by either supporting the health sector through donations to establish health units or free transport means – or places to employee women to work in textile manufacturing – or supporting the education field through donations to establish some classrooms, through companies affiliated to IHPG.

IHPG organizes some voluntary activities through its employees to preserve roads, gardens, parks, public transport means and public squares, through organizing awareness programs for the employees within IHPG and its affiliates, by following modern ways to deal with and preserve such things and make them appear in a civilized beautiful picture.

Participating in youth sports courses, which constitute a way of life, to provide the necessary support through organizing and participating in such courses to make more young people participate in these events, in order to develop and strengthen the spirit of love, friendship and harmonization, and to preserve the environment and society, in order that IHPG has a role in spreading the added values and supporting the youth.

We receive a large number of university students to give them filed training and prepare them to go through the working life and know the markets and ways of working at companies.

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