IHPG Declared for their participation in the job opportunities that hosted by the Arabian Gulf University of Science and Technology on 1 &2 December. The Executive Director of the human resources management information systems in the company CP.Mahmoud Al Anzi that the group participated in the exhibition on the basis of permanent care to attract the best cadres national competencies of students and young graduates and expertise consistent with the policies and approaches to improve the levels of development and professionalism among cadres and building a strong base of the capabilities of the national cadres. Al Anzi emphasized that the company will focus on the application of the strategies of human resources management and information systems and the establishment of a technological infrastructure aimed to all sectors of the internal and external state-of-the-art technical means and raising the efficiency of workers and raising the level of satisfaction of career development. He pointed out that the development plans will include many of the programs of the modern and developed in the areas of human resources and management so as to eventually lead to an increase in the productivity of cadres in the company and the rehabilitation of more of them to carry out more and more accurate. He confirmed that the group would seek to participate in specialized fairs in human resources and employment and an important role in providing the opportunity for contact with the direct meeting between looking for career opportunities for the group, indicating that this kind of exhibition is a real window to define looking for opportunities and the nature of the opportunities available in the private sector, which is considered one of the most important sectors in the development of the national economy.

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Our Annual Ramadan ceremony “Ghabqa” in middle of religious spirit we held festival in the presence of the our CEO with board of directors managers , employees , workers , co-workers ,